Next generation Sustainable Aviation Fuel, ready for take off

The worldwide increasing demand of fossil fuels leads to higher greenhouse gas emissions and to irreversible climate changes. International aviation accounts for the largest climate impact per kilometre per person, which increases every year.

Currently the aviation sector has limited sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels available. The use of electricity as a sole energy source will, due to physical constraints, never be feasible for long distance flights. As part of the energy transition, the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), like biokerosene, is a promising solution to reduce the net emission of greenhouse gas and will contribute to achieve the international climate goals.

Microfuel Innovations B.V. is a biotechnology start-up company developing innovative lipid-based biofuels and proteins for food- and feed applications derived from microbial fermentation. It is our mission to contribute to a more sustainable world for the next generations.